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  • excellent!!!

    Vouched Apr 6, 2015

    I ordered a coupled of items from them and received them quickly and ahead of the expected delivery date. Everything is beautiful.

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  • Shame on WOJ

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2015

    This is the worst experience online that I have ever had. There is no customer service and when you do get someone on the phone they are nasty and simply could not care less. I ordered a tallit and listened to their promises of it being delivered in a few days. Its almost 2 months and still nothing. They claim to have processed a 20% refund on my cc but I have not seen it yet. They also sent me a false DHL waybill thinking that it would waste a little more time. In contacting DHL they said "this waybill number is for a shipping label that was made, but has not been shipped out. Therefore, it appears the shipment has not been tendered to DHL yet." Why lie to your customers? Please stay away from this company. Probably the worst crime to commit- stealing from your own people. What a shame.

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  • happy jewish customer from london

    Vouched Mar 27, 2015

    Very impressed by the abundance. Huge selection. even too large perhaps. Was difficult to choose from ~1,000 different mezuzahs. Overall very positive experience. Cheers

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  • Scam or just a bad experience? Either way - stay away from them!

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2015

    Wish I had read reviews before I shopped online at this place - worst online shopping experience ever. Have waited months and my order has not even been shipped, finally have asked for my order to be cancelled which they have said they will do - still waiting to see the refund though. I strongly advise people to stay away from this business - unreliable and verging on being a scam.

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  • Order not received from 2 months ago!

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2015

    My wife and I ordered and paid for 3 mezuzahs on 16th November 2014. We were told they would be delivered within 19 business days.

    It is now the 18th January 2015 and we still haven't received them.

    What's more, having rang them and requested emails or phone calls from managers we have not received one. Every time we ring them we are told different reasons for them not arriving. In December we were told they weren't in stock. Last week we were told they were in stock and would be sent. Today we've been told they're not in stock.

    We have a baby due imminently and have no mezuzah up because the mezuzahs we ordered over 2 months ago still haven't arrived.

    I strongly recommend to think twice before ordering from this company. We have purchased many items from them in the past however from our experience of how WOJ treat you when things go wrong, we will not buy from them again and will notify friends and family of our ordeal.

    Extremely disatisfied and still waiting for the order we paid for 2 months ago.

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  • Great Judaica shop

    Vouched Dec 15, 2014

    Very nice products!

    We ordered menorahs, dreidels, candles and Hanukkah coins for the holiday.

    Everything came packaged very nicely and the prices of World of Judaica are very low.

    The shipping is a bit long but it makes sense since they are in Israel. We got our order about 3 weeks after we placed it but the times were indeed shown on the site.

    The only downside to their site is that they don't have the candles as an add-on to the menorahs since it would make it a little easier to shop but all in all we are very happy.

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  • It's a Scam!

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2014

    This company is a scam. I ordered a ring and never received it. I emailed and called and never got a reply. I only gave it 1 star because Zero was not an option.
    Shop elsewhere!!

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  • A customer for life!

    Vouched Sep 22, 2014

    This has been my 4th order from World of Judaica. My orders were all shipped on time, but you do have to take into account that they ship from Israel so make sure to allow that you have a couple of weeks to spare.

    The reasons that I keep coming back are:

    1) World of Judaica simply has the best availability of its customer service agents. I believe that they work 24/7 because I have been in touch with them at all days and hours and you can always reach someone which is a real plus. Also, for an Israeli company they seem to have nailed down American style customer service which is really great.

    2) They seem to add hundreds of new and interesting products every month. Literally- you can find EVERYTHING here. So if you need a gift for a wedding, holiday or event you can find it all. From this standpoint they also blow everybody out of the water.

    As always a repeat customer, keep up the good work guys!


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  • #1 Judaica webstore without a doubt!

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2014

    I was completely blown away by World of Judaica's overwhelmingly vast collection of all things Judaica (kippot, tallits, menorahs, shabbat candlesticks, dreidels, and so much more!) I wanted to purchase various gifts for family members overseas in Israel and could not have ordered from a better online store IMO! Thanks to their 24/7 Customer Service and convenient express shipping options I was able to find the perfect gifts for my family in Israel and additionally the order was also received in a timely manner as well. Thanks World of Judaica for an awesome online buying experience!

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  • Mislead you on shipping to get order

    Reviewed Jul 16, 2014

    Don't ever buy anything from them, they mislead you on shipping! it has taken 2 months to get an order fulfilled and the first order took an month plus and it was missing part of the order and I got numerous excuses along with wrong information! so they try to make it right and shipped the remainder of the order which hasn't even arrived and they won't give you any details! it has been 2 months and I haven't received my full order!

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  • Your one stop shop for everything Judaica and Israel!

    Vouched Jul 16, 2014

    World of Judaica was the first online Judaica store I had ever visited or come across, they have such an extensive collection of beautiful tallits that it took me a couple of hours to go through them all until I found the perfect one for my nephew's bar mitzvah. I contacted Customer Service over the phone and spoke with a delightful and extremely helpful representative called Sharon Silverman who assisted me with the entire purchasing process from start to finish. The shipping options are presented online and you can choose an express/faster shipping method if you need an item ASAP and you even receive an email with the tracking number once the order ships out so you can know how to track it and when to expect it. I'm very excited to present my nephew with the tallit I ordered so that he may use it on the "special day" and for many years to come! Thank you world of Judaica and I'll surely be purchasing from them again in the near future!

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  • Never will use this site again

    Reviewed May 29, 2014

    We ordered a tallit on May 2nd. I called on May 29th and it still had not gone out! They could not guarantee that I would receive the item by June 15th so I canceled the order. Terrible, terrible service. They have everything in place on their site that works so wonderfully. If only they could actually get the product to customers in a reasonable time-frame. We'll buy at a store here instead. 2 stars for the website working well and being able to chat with a live person.

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  • Never again!!!!

    Reviewed May 21, 2014

    Ordered a mezzuzah for my granddaughter on April 6. It is now May 21 and I still have not received it. Contacted CS online and was told that the manufacturer sent them the wrong item. Would have been nice if they emailed me to let me know of this delay. They couldn't tell me when it would be shipped and they weren't very accommodating. Very blaise attitude like we don't need your business. Finally got an email saying it shipped and I could track it through Israel Post. Have been trying to track it for the last 5 days (says it takes 24-48 hrs. to track) and nothing appeared till this morning saying that it was just sent air mail from Israel. I will never order from this company again. Extremely frustrating especially since they have had my money since 4/6.

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  • Customer service and product were great.

    Vouched Feb 19, 2014

    When I ordered a menorah that didn't arrive when expected, I called the company and spoke to Beth and David in Israel. Because of the 10 hour time difference, I heard from Beth the next day. She provided a delivery date as well as the tracking number I requested. This was followed by a very nice email from Jack Trevors. The package arrived early and I was very happy with the menorah.

    I was worried because of some of the negative reviews I read. I don't know why the package didn't arrive initially, but the follow up service was perfect. Perhaps, problems stem from poor customer behavior when things don't go as planned. We may forget that Israel is a foreign country as sensitive to critical American attitudes as any other people around the world.

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  • Dana F.
    • influencer

    The worst place to order Judaica

    Reviewed Dec 30, 2013

    The worst place to order Judaica that I have ever used in my entire life. First, they sent the items in separate packages, instead of all together. Second, it took forever to arrive - so long, that we had to buy the items elsewhere while waiting.

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  • Great Bar Mitzvah Tallit

    Vouched Dec 19, 2013

    I have purchased from World of Judaica a couple of times over the past few years. I had primarily purchased their items as gifts for friends so I didn't often use their products or see them after delivery, but given how my friends and family had complimented me for the gifts received, it was a no brainer for me check them out when it was time to buy a tallit for my eldest son's Bar Mitzvah. I had my son select the tallit himself, but he was between a few options. We used their live chat to talk to Beth and she helped answer quesitons my son had about the different tallits. He eventually selected one and I placed the order for him. Even though it shipped from Israel, there was no charge for the shipping. The tallit arrived and my son absolutely loved it. He looked like a real mensch up there on the bima as he read from the Torah.

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  • It's a scam!

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2013

    Does not deliver!
    After ordering a Polished Ram Horn Shofar with Sterling Silver Decorative Plates plus a bag, I have gone through a rollercoast nightmare.
    The advertised Shofar plus Shofar-Bag should have been in stock, according to their website.
    World of Judaica charged my creditcard on the same day I ordered!!!
    After 2 weeks, I received a email that the bag could not be sent, it was out of stock and there would not be any in the future either. They offered me a refund, which I accepted.
    I asked whether they had already send the Shofar because I was waiting for it (birthday gift), but they did not reply!
    Finally, after a lot of waiting, I cancelled the complete order. I really expected a notice that this was impossible because they would have already sent out the order. No such thing, they still had not send anything to me! Instead I got a reply in which they promised to refund an amount, which is less then initially charged from my creditcard!
    At this moment I am awaiting the promissed refund. Will I get it???

    So: They don't deliver. They don't keep promises. They don't answer questions. And they do not refund the complete amount which they charged from my creditcard. One thing they will do: charge your creditcard on the same day you order!
    To me, this is called a scam!

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  • World of judaica - a scam?

    Reviewed Dec 1, 2013

    I ordered a menorah and candles at the very beginning of November.
    I checked the lead time + shipping to ensure it would be here on time.
    Weeks later I was told it hadn't shipped when I complained that it hadn't arrived.
    I asked for my money back.
    They 'shipped' it instead.
    Hanukkah is here and my menorah is not. It has been a month.
    I keep complaining. No refund.
    I think this is a scam.

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  • Don't bother

    Reviewed Nov 21, 2013

    Ordered a Menorah and Dreidel for Channukah with plenty of time to go.

    After waiting 2 1/2 weeks, I heard nothing. Contacted customer support to find out they hadn't even received the items from the manufacturer yet.

    Why didn't they even bother to tell me? And why didn't they respond to my email? I would have thought it was obvious when I would require the goods by.

    Funnily enough, customer service was only too pleased to cancel my order and get on to the next person. I guess they don't need the money.

    Tomorrow I will go to the Golders Green Road in London where I can pick up a Menorah in 5 minutes.

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  • Worst experience ever

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2013

    This is without doubt the worst experience I have ever had of buying online, and I internet shop a lot.

    I wanted to buy my husband's wedding ring from Israel, with a traditional inscription. I found one on WOJ's site, and contacted the customer service to verify the weight, carats and size of the ring. I was assured (and have in writing) the particulars of the ring, including the fact that it was 10g in weight.

    To cut a very long story short, months ensued of the ring not arriving, me chasing the company up, being given no apology and no guarantee the ring would arrive in time for the wedding, promises of upgraded shipping (which did not happen), eventual agreement of sending another identical ring by courier for it to arrive, for which I was asked by the courier to pay over £80 import tax..

    When the ring did finally arrive, it looked like a plastic replica! Very flimsy and light with lots of damage to the naked eye (dents etc). I took it to my local jeweller to be appraised, who told me it was only 2g in weight! When I contacted WOJ in distress, they were unapologetic - made me send a number of photos to verify the problem (including one on jeweller scales), could not explain why they had LIED about the weight of the gold and only after much debate agreed to refund, but of course I had to present my poor husband with it since I only received the thing three days before the wedding!

    I can't stress enough how much anxiety and stress this company caused me and the difficulty I had in coming to a resolution, which could never be a satisfactory one as I was left with a damaged ring for my wedding day. He is now without a ring as I wait for the refund.

    My advice is, steer clear unless you can be sure the item is not of any real value - this company is willing to lie and unwilling to fix problems when they arise.

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