Heartland HCC Canton

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7025 Lilley Road
Canton, MI 48187
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  • My Mom's stay

    Reviewed Jan 2, 2013

    The physical therapy and occupational therapy are ok here, but as for the rest of staff, from nursing to cena's to director's, etc- they fail....Did not detect obvious visual health issues or not trained properly.....Let her have urine/bowell movements without getting her to restroom, let her sit on a toilet, then take a break!!!!! leaving her on toilet for over 40 min's?! and this being a non independent wing, yeah right!

    Have tried a couple other rehab ctrs, along w/ assisted living.....They were all average!

    Now she is home with assistance of healthcare and family, some of us may not be doctors or trained therapists, but at least she is taken care of and not left alone.....Food and coffee are better at home also :) Nothing beats home, if you are able to assist and/or add safety items in house..Plus, your mind set is better, positive...Good luck all.

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  • Hearland Canton is the worst!

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2010

    Do not send anyone to this place. They were horrible to my mother and left her alone in a chair for 7 hours while hunched over in great pain. She asked them 14 times to help her and put her back to bed and they just ignored her. The aides are the worst and just do not care at all about the people here. The aide told me, "I don't know nothin" when I asked why my mother's pleas were ignored. My mom could hardly speak at the time. Yet she asked the aide for help into bed. The aide still ignored her and I had to demand they help her back in bed and they had the nerve to look at me like I was bothering them.She was also left to sit in her depends for an hour after ringing for help, both eyes were infected and ignored after they said they would get her some meds. DO NOT SEND ANYONE TO THAT PLACE!

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    Reviewed Sep 4, 2008

    HORRIBLE!!! this is a horrible place. The staff is clueless, The CENAS and nurses are heartless, and the entire staff was flat out rude to my mother (the patient who just got out of surgery and could not walk on her own), my father and I. One of the so-called CENAS refussed to help my mother to the restroom, and actually had the audacity to tell her "I HAVE 14 PATIENTS, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO HELP YOU TO THE BATHROOM ALL THE TIME, DO IT YOURSELF." Another occurrence was when my mother asked for milk of magnesia for her upset stomach from one of the CENAS. The rude lady said, "I'll tell your nurse when i see her, she's not on the floor." The milk of magnesia never came, EVER! Yet, this CENA had time to tell my mother that she has a 12 hour shift and she's "been here long enough." My mother's nurse, Cindy, was also never seen by my father nor I, and we came to see my mother everyday. In the information book given to my father about Heartland of Canton, it states there are complaint forms available at the front desk. My father and i went on seperate days to ask for one of these forms. Both times the immature staff at the front desk on the 1st floor seemed clueless and unsympathetic to our concerns. One even smiled at the other when i approached them for a form. According to the to the head nurse, Lynda, "Since she's been working there, she's never seen complaint froms." I've also tried contacting Debrah, the administrator. Left her two messages, and she hasen't returned my calls.... enough said.

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  • Mike K.
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    Beware of this Nursing Facility

    Reviewed Apr 8, 2008

    BEWARE! We should have sued this incompetent place. My Grandmother ended up in this rehab facility following a brief hospital stay. They never performed an assessment on her, subsequently missing a large wound on her leg that was heavily bandaged. They did not change the bandage for 6 days. When they took it off, the wound looked like vanilla pudding. They also did not bathe her for six days. My experience with the nursing was that they were insensitive, incompetent, unattentive, uncapable, uncaring, and slow.

    While at Heartland, despite me being POA (Power of Attorney) for my Grandmother, they started her on Medicines without checking with me, including one that she is allergic to.

    Like I said at the start - WE SHOULD HAVE FILED A LAWSUIT! If you care for someone, do not let them go to Heartland HCC for "Care".

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    • Hermann C. What an awful experience! It's amazing how much bad healthcare (as in downright maliciously negligent) there is in this country.

      Suing is one course of action. The other is to simply post a review like you have done. Countless many others will read this, saving them from the pain your grandmother & family had to endure, and denying this facility $$$.
    • Mary C. Thanks for sharing this awful esperience...many others may benefit from this review and not use these services.
    • Mike K. Here are some more links to other people's complaints about Heartland: