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  • Realist

    Vouched May 20, 2014

    It is about a year since I purchased a beautiful 1 ½ carat princess cut diamond from Freddy. I spoke with Freddy a few times on the phone and then placed an order. I read a few testimonials where they found Freddy abrasive. I found him more brutally honest and a no BS, straight to the point hard working business man. I am a Federal Officer that works hard for my country and salary. I have heard about every form of BS feasible to man but not once did I get the impression Freddy wasn’t a straight shooter. Prior to my current career I was in the service and had the privilege to go to Israel and purchase a diamond in country. It was a VVSI 1 clarity and perfect D color but only a half carat. It is a beautiful diamond. It was far cheaper to buy in Israel at the time if one had the opportunity as I did. You can take this for what it is worth, with the naked eye there isn’t a nickel worth of difference between the two diamonds in terms of beauty. Yes with a loupe you can see some minor difference but I have yet see any gleaming bride to be show her diamond trophy to someone where they reached in their pocket and pull out a loupe to view the diamond.

    This is my second go so I have really proceeded with caution. My bride to be and I dated two years and last year I proposed with one of Freddy’s diamonds. C loved the diamond and immediately began to show everyone the rock (trophy). Not that it mattered to me but C and her friends were quick to pick up on how much bigger it was compared to the diamonds her friends have. I am sure to most of you guys that read this you think as I do that size doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t. But, the look (glow) C gives me when she looks at other ladies with their diamond (trophies) and then looks at hers and how much bigger her trophy is in comparison, this is priceless. I feel she thinks I must love her more than the other men love their brides to be all because of the size. I know in reality that is not true but if it make C feel more loved then I have accomplished my ultimate goal for the woman I truly love.

    The choice is obviously yours to make. If the lucky lady you propose to really loves you then any diamond will do and she will be completely content. There is no naked eye difference between a 1 ½ carat 5k diamond from Freddy and 1 ½ carat 12k one from the other big diamond stores. There is a 7k difference in price. I personal would rather take the 7k difference and give C the fairy tale honeymoon she so deserves.

    Freddy keep up the great work for the hard working guy.

    Ken S.

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  • I'm an ordinary guy who's wife now has an extraordinary diamond!

    Vouched Nov 11, 2013

    This was my first foray into the world of diamonds. I was about to ask the love of my life to marry me, and I needed it to be perfect. I'm a hard working everyday average guy, who wanted to give the world to my fiance. I've looked at rings with her a number of times, here and there and everywhere, and talked to her about it, to get an idea of what she likes. It was very important to me that I purchase the ring, and get to surprise her with it, and be confident it will be exactly what she wanted, and will love it forever.

    We visited a couple of well-known jewelry stores, and I was gutted. I wanted my fiance to have at least a 1ct stone. After leaving these places, I'd be lucky to afford .5 or .75ct for her. I didn't let her know this, she was so happy looking at these rings and imagining having one of her own. I did research for weeks! I looked into lab grown diamonds, enhanced diamonds, used diamonds, you name it. Then I came across Freddy's website. It looked too good to be true, and we all know the saying. I read countless reviews and to be honest, I figured he must be writing them himself. I called Freddy and chatted with him for about 15 minutes. He told me his diamonds look great. If you want to get into the paperwork and the scientific do-dads, then he is not the guy for me. I am a practical guy, I appreciated this kind of straight talk. Freddy explained how his diamonds are treated. With a laser. He is very up-front about the whole process.

    I did some more research after that, but in the end it was unnecessary. All I ended up doing was spending a few more hours of my time only to find out that Freddy had already told me everything I needed to know. I spoke to my fiance in general terms and asked her how she felt about different diamonds (natural, lab grown, enhanced, etc)..I explained the pros and cons to each, and what they meant.

    She told me that she would be ok with an enhanced diamond, but is very skeptical that one would look as good as one of the big expensive diamonds from the jewelry store. I listened to her and the wheels started turning.

    By the wheels turning, I mean I couldn't wait to call Freddy again. To me, if the diamond looks GREAT on her finger, and all her friends can ooh and ahh about it, and its a 100% natural earth mined diamond that will last forever...who is going to say "Can I see the gemologist report? What clarity is this?".

    Freddy assured me these are 100% real diamonds, they HAVE been laser treated, and it's 99% eye clear. He told me they look GREAT. You always have a little uneasy feeling when making a big purchase online, but I wanted my fiancee to have the diamond she deserves, and Freddy was giving me a way.

    I put in my order. With Freddy I was able to afford a 1.25c center-stone. Freddy sold me the diamonds and had her engagement and wedding band created for me. All said and done, I spent less than I would have on JUST THE DIAMOND in the big-name store, and I got an engagement ring (1.25c stone, .25 side stones) and wedding band (1c of stones around the band).

    The rings arrived exactly when Freddy told me they would...and in fact, the center stone was 1.27 instead of 1.25! I couldn't wait to get home from work so I had the FedEx folks drop it off at a distribution center near my office. I raced to pick them up. I sat with the box in my hand for a few minutes before finally gathering the nerve to open it up. I'm not an overly emotional person, but when I opened that ring box and saw them I almost cried. Never did I think I would be able to do this for my fiancee. They were absolutely beautiful. The pictures don't do Freddy's diamonds justice.

    I proposed to my (now wife) a week later. She was speechless. It was the best feeling of my entire life. She said "This ring is perfect. It's so much more than I did you do this!?". We cannot go to the grocery store without someone commenting on her ring. Her friends are all jealous, her co-workers think I'm the greatest man to ever live. I never get tired of hearing her say "He had it made for me, and knew exactly what I wanted. There is not a single thing I would change."

    Freddy made me and my wife two extremely happy people. This past weekend, we were married and I now get to see her wear her engagement ring with that beautiful wedding band. She is beyond thrilled, "These are the two most special and beautiful things that I have ever owned."

    It makes me proud whenever I see her looking at her hand, or when a stranger tells her "I'm sorry to be rude, but that ring is gorgeous". You can't put a price on that!

    I will, and have, referred every single person who has asked me, to FreddyDiamonds. He doesn't mess around, he's honest, and if you can get past the diamond 4 c's hype he WILL get you a beautiful, sparkling diamond that will turn heads for the rest of your life!

    And since I wrote earlier that I was skeptical of the reviews that I read, I just want to add that I am in no way affiliated with FreddyDiamonds (unless you count that I bought my diamonds from him). I am just an ordinary guy who got to be a little extraordinary thanks to Freddy!

    **for the realists out there as well...when I got the diamonds I poured over them trying to spot a flaw...I cannot find a thing, and neither can my wife. These are absolutely eye-clean diamonds, and that's what us anyway!**

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  • Thanks Freddy! From Las Vegas

    Vouched Nov 5, 2013

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Freddydiamonds. I delt with Freddy himself he was very helpful, straight foward & easy to deal with. He delivered exactly what he promised and it arrived before I expected it, in perfect time for me to propose 4th of July under the fireworks! My now fiancé loves her ring. THANKS again Freddy!

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  • Keeping the wifey happy while saving money

    Vouched Nov 4, 2013

    I had purchased an engagement ring in the past from FreddyDiamonds. I was very happy with the diamond and the service. Now my first year anniversary was around the corner, and I knew I had to get her something great, as she had given me the best gift in the world, my little baby. I know I can never give her a present as precious as what she had given me, but I would try. I figured since I had gotten her a ring, a nice pair of earrings would be a great compliment. So I picked up the phone and called FreddyDiamonds and they took down the specifications on how I wanted the settings to look. When I received the earrings I took them outside under the sun light and inspected them, and it was almost blinding. The diamonds were very clear, exactly like the diamond from my engagement ring. Needless to say, my wife loved the earrings and her engagement ring. I know when I purchase from FreddyDiamonds, I am getting a quality diamond for a fraction of the price, I know...sounds cliche but it's true. I will definitely purchase from Freddy again (I'm thinking of a neckalce with a diamond pendant to complete the set). Thankful that Freddy can save me some money.

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  • Freddy Diamonds Review by Steven Hobbs

    Vouched Apr 22, 2013

    I bought a diamond from Freddy Diamonds and my review is pretty simple, I looked up cheap diamonds and found him, I checked him out and could not find anyone who was not happy with their purchase so I got one for my now fiance. We had gone out last Saturday and we were looking at a 3/4 carat diamond at Zales. I was a little depressed after the young girl behind the counter (granted she was young) wanted me to buy a larger diamond. I do not think she had the experience to understand at her age that I did not have enough money for a bigger diamond. I completely understand that at her age that type of job was either paying her hourly, or by commission either way saying in front of my girlfriend that a bigger diamond on her finger would look even better just really made me feel like I myself was "less than"

    So, after that experience I went online at my age it was a bit out of the ordinary for me to do this, and I went ahead and called Freddy and that is what really got me he talked to me like a person.

    He quickly got me back to reality, my budget was $3500 I ended up getting not a 3/4, not a 1 carat but a 1.27 with Freddy, he had told me it would be a minimum of 1.25 in my price range so I was glad that it was even slightly above what I was told. The most important thing that I took away from this experience and working with Freddy is that diamonds are as he reminded me a utility to get married, I am experienced enough to know I would never want to resell it, nor would I ever get back my money from Zales for a 3/4 ct, so it just seemed logical to go with Freddy. Looks very nice and we love it.

    Rock on! On pun intended

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  • Tom E.
    • influencer

    Freddy is a great seller of diamonds and makes buying affordable real diamonds

    Vouched Oct 23, 2012

    We wrote a review before not sure if the system took it but we love Freddy got a real diamond, a good deal...thats the best we could ask for we are very happy.

    thanks Freddy you are the best Tom and Erica

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  • Farzad C.
    • influencer

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

    Vouched Oct 11, 2012

    WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!
    All I can say is wow, my future wife could not be any happier, she can't stop staring at her ring. Freddy keeps his word and delivers!!! After speaking with him for weeks I was finally convinced that this is the guy!
    Not only will I tell friends and family about this guy but I will advertise for free, that's how impressed I am.
    Thank you again Freddy and if anybody is reading this, you will not be disappointed! My Fiance ring looks like a 20k ring!! It shines like a million bucks in which I can't stop looking at it.

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  • Gina A.
    • influencer

    A real diamond two and a half carat diamond thanks Freddy.

    Vouched Sep 16, 2012

    I am appreciative to Freddy for what he has done for myself and my fiance. The fact is that he will be upfront with you when buying a diamond. He sent us a real nice diamond and considering that my salary would only allow so much, without him I was looking at a one carat diamond. Instead I was able to afford a 2.5 carat princess cut diamond.

    We are more than satisified. If you want to buy a diamond.

    Freddy is the guy.

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  • Manni A.
    • influencer

    Freddy Diamonds reviews here sold me too

    Vouched Aug 1, 2012

    I got mine Friday.

    He told me when I opened the box I would say "wow" and if he did that he did his job. He told me upfront his diamonds are cheap but the bottom line they look good and he was correct.

    No need to worry, real easy to buy called, and placed order Monday got it by Friday, got engaged Saturday night we went to an outdoor movie night our town had. Both families were present and I pulled her to the side, asked her she said yes.

    The best part is my now fiance found out about Freddy through our friend who had bought from Freddy too!

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  • Vincenzo M.
    • influencer

    Freddy Keeps His Word and Delivers High Quality Diamonds at Fantastic Prices

    Vouched Apr 11, 2012

    It has been almost a year since I purchased the engagement ring from Freddy for my fiancé.

    So my fiance provided her requirements: a unique cathedral design that included a large high quality diamond.

    I had already gone through this 10years prior for my first marriage. And all I could remember was a painful process, searching through many large and small jewelers/retailers, feeling like I was being taken advantaged of by an overpriced diamond market. And this was reinforced after the divorce, when I tried to sell the engagement ring... After going through several pawn shops, realizing that I would only get a fraction of its purchase cost - including the same jewerlers that I had bought the engagement ring from! Needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to going through this process again.

    After searching and working through a few jewerly locations, web retailers, including a well known "trusted family jeweler"... I again was reliving the experience I had a decade ago. My frustration was very high, and the feeling of being taken advantage of by an overpriced business was here again. But that quickly changed when I stumbled across Freddy's website.

    It honestly looked too good to be true. A jeweler selling good quality real diamonds at a fraction of the price! I wasn't convinced, so I had to call. And to my surprise, the first time I called I got through to the owner Freddy himself. Freddy spent an hour with me... talked me through my concerns, and reassured me that his business was legite. That he was able to sell at a significantly lower cost versus other jewelers since there was no middleman, and minimal overhead. He reasurred me that the quality of the dimaond would absolutely be real, along with a legitimate gemological certificate. He sent me examples, pictures of the diamonds he had in stock. And honestly, I couldn't find one bad thing against this man and his business on the internet, including the BBB.

    In realizing how concerned I was, he gave me his word that if I wasn't happy with the purchase, he'd work with me on a refund. So I said, let's do it. My fiance was looking for a 2ct cathedral 14Kt gold diamond ring. At places like Blue Nile, Zales, Jared's, etc. I would have spent at least $18K. Freddy got me the ring for <$10K!! He stayed in touch with me daily, letting me know where the ring was throughout the process. And when I received it, I fell over. In total it was a 2.6ct diamond cathedral ring!! That weekend I showed my family, and they all couldn't believe it. I showed my fiances parents and grandparents and their jaws dropped. I had it taken to a local jeweler and he matched the assessment of the certification.... $25K.

    I proposed to my fiance a few weeks after, and she absolutely LOVED the ring, and still can't stop admiring it. And her family can't stop admiring it! I can't tell you how many times she
    tells me the compliments she gets! She works as a dental hygienist, and her
    patients are floored when they see her ring up close.

    And the money that Freddy saved me!! I actually put $5K towards a trip
    to Hawaii to celebrate our engagement last September. And I changed the roof of my house with the balance.

    We are planning our wedding for June 1st this Year, and I wanted to send a
    BIG THANK YOU Freddy! for being so honest, and giving us such a beautiful diamond
    that didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

    So here we are, and I am looking for the wedding band to complement my fiance's beautiful engagement ring. Once again I started the stressful, "hair
    pulling", and expensive experience last month. So I didn't take long to contact Freddy and share with him my experience... and to my surprize Freddy was able to hook me up with custom bands!!! My fiance wasn't keen on parting ways with her engagement ring, but Freddy did it in less than a week. Two 1 carat bands, custom around the unique cathedral ring... less than $3K!! I could only get 1 band for that price at the local jewelers/retailers.

    My fiancé is absolutely blown away!! They fit perfectly, and look fantastic. She can’t Thank You enough Freddy, they are exactly what she envisioned. She’s been sending pic messages to all her close Family and Friends – they all can’t believe how gorgeous the set looks with the engagement ring.

    Thanks Again Freddy for all the help… I will be coming back shortly for another purchase!!

    If you want a person that keeps to his word, and gives you what you ask for - and then some.... give Feddy a call.

    Vince M.

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  • Terry P.
    • influencer

    Freddy Diamonds review from a very satisfied and amazed customer

    Vouched Apr 5, 2012

    I read reviews, I called...he gave me a nice diamond really cheap.

    I cant say anything but the only honest guy I spoke to in the industry.

    Treated me honestly and bluntly as others said. I was NOT offended because he told me straight just like me he wants honest happy customers and does not want to oversell to anyone. Nice diamond, better than nice price.

    Freddy Rocks!
    Terry Parker
    Raleigh NC

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  • Taylor J.
    • influencer

    Freddy Diamonds review from me

    Vouched Feb 9, 2012

    I learned from him diamonds are hype. Thanks Freddy you gave me a great real diamond and thats just what I wanted.

    My review is that he sells a beyond good price. I looked for 2 weeks, mall, local, everywhere. Reputation mattered and I could not find anything bad about the guy or the diamond with the exception that some people hear seem not to like that he doesnt insincerely talk about wonderful dreams and mushy stuff.

    He was the man for me and I appreciate his unique honest approach.

    Taylor Asfar
    Ventura California

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  • Bob P.
    • influencer

    Freddy Diamonds real diamond is a very good deal

    Vouched Dec 7, 2011

    Price good
    Fast shipping got in about a week
    Looks very good compared to my local guy

    Happy, engaged singing praises. Bob D

    p.s. - I do admit without Freddys deal I would have bought an embarrassing .75ct instead of the 1.5ct diamond. He is right bigger is better at least with the pack I run with.

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  • Bryce P.
    • influencer

    Freddy has a customer for life!

    Vouched Oct 21, 2011

    So after placing an order with one of Freddy's competitors on 8-29-11 and by the time 10-17-11 rolled around and I still didn't have the 2 ct diamond I had paid for, I knew I made a grave mistake. The morning of the 17th I called my credit card company and filed a chargeback on Freddy's competitor. (and this was after numerous emails, promises and tried phone calls)

    So after all of that I started over and looked at many different websites, but I just kept going back to Freddy's. For one, his website is easy to use and navigate. Some of these diamond sites out there are what we call in the web industry a real "CLUSTER F*CK". As a owner of numerous supplement websites, it was the ease of Freddy's that made me pick up the phone and call him. The first big relief with dealing with Freddy was that he actually picked up the phone. Right away, I like him and knew this was going to be final stop in finding the perfect engagement ring for my girl.

    So, after an hour on the phone with Freddy, I felt like I was armed with so much information about the diamond industry and what I was getting, there was no doubt that I was buying a 2 carat round diamond from him. He understood my concerns about what I went through with his competitior and he assured that would not happen with him. Now let me remind you again, this was 10-17-11. The next couple of days I received email updates on the progress and to my surprise on 10-19-11 I received an email with a picture of the ring and with tracking information from Fed Ex. Not only did he ship it that night, he overnighted the ring to me so I had the ring, in my hands on 10-20-11. Now that is going above and beyond to make sure this customer was going to be happy! The ring was more than I expected and I'm not going to lie, I sat there for over an hour with that ring, went into every room to see it in different lighting and just was amazed at just how beautiful the ring IS. The clarity is more than awesome and is set on white gold and 2 side diamond baquettes. My girl is going to freak out when she gets this!

    Once again, Freddy is an honest businessman and easy to deal with, and anyone looking online to buy, he is your go to man! There is absolutely no need to look elsewhere!

    Robert Purvis - Cincinnati, Ohio (Customer for Life)

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  • J P.
    • influencer

    A Believer...

    Vouched Oct 14, 2011

    So this is my second time getting married. With that said , I wanted to make sure that I get a really nice diamond for a great price for the last time in my life (hopefully, LOL). But seriously, I had gone to several different stores and the prices for what I was looking for were ridiculous. I guess they haven't heard that there's a little thing called a recession going on. Anyway, I came across Freddy's website and must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. But after seeing his little video and hearing him explain the reason why he can sell a real diamond for cheap, I said what the heck, I'll give him a call. We spoke and he was very honest and straight forward. Heck he even suggested that I buy a 1 carat diamond instead of the 1.75 carat I was intending to buy. How is that for HONESTY! In the end I did purchase the 1.75 carat diamond from him and my fiance is super happy! And so am I. Freddy is a man of his word. He made sure it was delivered in the 2 day period via Fed-Ex like he promised and the diamond looks brilliant! I would highly recommend him and his diamonds to anyone who is on a budget and would like to get the best, biggest , highest quality diamond possible for the least amount of money. Keep doing your thing Freddy!!

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  • R T.
    • influencer

    Real diamond deal makes me give praise to Freddy Diamonds

    Vouched Oct 12, 2011

    REAL DIAMOND with REAL Savings

    - When I called other places I could not understand what they were talking about, and I felt like they just wanted my money and it was very uncomfortable. The difference was Freddy TOLD me he wanted my business, and that everything else was confusion designed to get me to spend more and he would not talk that way to me, that is what should matter in the buiness of diamonds because in makes perfect sence that if I have a limited amount of money and that if I wanted a big diamond but I was at the end of my rope. Without Freddy realistically my girl would be wearing UNDER 1 ct, and I would have felt for years that I was not the man she should be marrying. I thank Freddy D. all the way for the real deal!

    I was looking at Bluenile and then I was looking around the internet the site came up when I typed in cheap diamonds and to me it was still a bunch of money. He showed me what I could expect before I bought by just going to a few pages with him on the phone. Debunked the myth of diamonds and I came home from work opened it up and here I am giving

    *One thing I read the reviews here first he is a little short I asked him some techinical questions and he was like "yeah uh if you want to talk that stuff you teach me" I think he was saying he is not into the lingo talkers but I think he should I still wanted to know, even though I don't know why if that makes sense...but I give him two thumbs up anyway because I am happy.

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  • Ron V.
    • influencer

    NYC Engagement Ring buyer vouches for Freddy Diamonds

    Vouched Sep 3, 2011

    I live in NYC diamond buying is a dizzying experience. Luckily I found Freddy Diamonds. I had spent nearly 6 months figuring out all the diamond language and when I spoke on the phone he said if YOU want a real diamond that looks good and is cheap and if I was willing to let go of the scientific stuff I would be more than happy.

    Being a radiologist at Beth Israel Hospital I was a bit ovelry questioning him. He got abrupt and basically said, he has a cheap diamond, it looks good and if I was going to keep going the route of trying to find our more gemological scientific understanding of diamonds that he absolutely was not for me.

    Therefore he was a bit on the short side but he took the time to explain it and I admit I was being a bit difficult. He told me he had a cheap diamond and it looks good and in the end that was exactly what I got a great looking diamond cheap. So in the end Freddy once again is the King from everything I have read.

    - DONT let the Competition say a bad thing about Freddy my name is Ron Volk, I work at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC and I TOTALLY vouch for Freddy. 2.0 Carat diamond in the Novo Style got me engaged in Nantucket 8/27

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  • Mark C.
    • influencer

    Kept his word pretty diamond

    Vouched Aug 28, 2011

    Good price, nice looking diamond, fast shipping.

    What else can I say?

    I dont know about diamonds other than what I saw and was told at Macys.

    So I didnt have that much money, and his looks as good at lest to me so i am happy.

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  • Peter C.
    • influencer

    1.25 Tiffany Style Engagement Ring Looks Amazing!

    Vouched Aug 22, 2011

    I recently ordered a 1.25 carat tiffany style diamond engagement ring from and it over exceeded my expectations. The diamond looks flawless and my fiancé loves it. I have done hours of research on and off as I was a bit skeptical of the not seeing it in person before purchasing, but I have to say it looks amazing. It came with a very nice appraisal and the ring was in a beautiful black box. Everyone I talked to has a “diamond guy” and all their quotes were about 40%-70% higher compared to freddydiamond. Now I have a “diamond guy”, and wouldn’t even think of using or recommending anyone else. If he had a referral program I would be happy to send him more business.

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  • Tom N.
    • influencer

    Freddy would not sell to me because he called me a Prima Donna (but I bought and like)!

    Vouched Aug 21, 2011

    He is obnoxious.

    He told me he would not sell to me because I asked to many questions! Its my money but in the end I bought from him because he is the only person who talked me down off my diamond value thoughts after thinking about it logically he was right.. but he has an attitute like if you dont want a cheap diamond why call me? In the end I am very happy he did exactly as he said and I got a much better diaomond than anywhere around my home in Miami Florida.

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