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With so many companies competing for your business, why should you choose Excel Diamonds?

The answer is very simple:

We offer the highest quality merchandise on the Internet, with the most comprehensive level of information and data, at the very lowest prices GUARANTEED!

The 'Bricks & Mortar" jewelry stores cannot compete with us on quality, selection and most of all, PRICE.

Our competitors on the Internet do not provide the same level of diamond information that we do.

We offer a better selection, better prices, and more actual data and information than any website on the Internet!

We have earned a sterling reputation on the Internet.

We have many thousands of happy customers to our credit.

We are absolutely crazy about customer service and support!

Try us and see for yourself! The Gutwein name has been synonymous with diamonds spanning four generations.

We use the latest technology to let you see our loose diamonds, Ideal Cut Diamonds, diamond engagement rings and wedding rings with full documentation and photographs on every one of our loose diamonds and beautiful engagement ring settings.

The SUPERBcert Brand of diamonds and our hand-crafted Tiffany replica settings have garnered praise from thousands of satisfied customers who have appreciated the superb level of service, attention, information, and value they have received from us.

We are a family business with a commitment to the same old world values shown by our parents and grandparents. We work intensively with each one of our clients to find their most suitable diamond and diamond engagement ring and are honored and gratified to be part of such an important purchase and momentous occasion.

We offer a complete money back guarantee and transparent policies which are designed to protect the consumer.

Excel Diamonds

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  • The hands-down best jewelers around! Great guys!

    Vouched Feb 14, 2015

    So let me start this review off by saying that I'm not an easy customer. I am the kind of person that will research for months before making a big purchase. Needless to say, when it came time to buy an engagement ring, I put A LOT of time into researching jewelers in the tri-state area... After doing a lot of reading on the discussion forums, I contacted Barry along with several other jewelers in the area to start exploring my options and looking at loose stones...

    Fast forward a few weeks, and a million emails later, only one place was able to keep up with my relentless questions and requests without getting an attitude, and that was Barry with Excel Diamonds. He was quick to reply to any question I had, and never pushed me to hurry up and make a decision. I never felt like he was pushing me toward any one specific stone or setting, and I never got the "salesman" vibe from him. When I finally narrowed it down to two stones, he suggested the cheaper one (and it was a lot cheaper), saying it really did outshine the more expensive stone. I knew then that I could trust his opinion and went with his suggestion- and wow what a stone it was! Then when it came time to choose a setting, he worked with me to customize it to my liking and didn't charge anything extra for the variations I requested.

    A few weeks later I got the ring and WOW it was amazing! The fiancé was floored by it and is happier than I have ever seen her! Now when we go out places, people literally stop us and tell her how amazing her ring is and that it was blinding them from across the room! It's a thing of pure beauty and I'm an extremely happy customer. I just ordered her matching wedding band from Barry and I'm confident it will be just as great as the engagement ring...

    One last point I want to make is concerning cost and value. I did go to some of the big retail stores, and even had a ring picked out at Tiffany before I found Excel.. Long story short, the ring from Excel blew the Tiffany ring away, and it literally cost half as much.. It'a like the icing on the cake. The ring I got from Excel was the best ring I could have gotten and to top that it just also happened to be the best value for my money. So yea, I recommend this place without a second thought. Get your ring here you'll be happy you did.

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  • Buy with confidence - these guys are good!

    Vouched Jan 19, 2015

    Buying a diamond is a little nerve-wracking. My fiance and I looked at jewellery stores in several cities in Europe and Australia, and met with wholesalers in our home city, before deciding to buy online. We did a lot of homework, and were ready to pounce when we found the stone we wanted. Still, it's a big purchase to make from a stranger, sight unseen!

    Barry from Excel was very reassuring. He sent us magnified pictures of the stone from every angle. He answered our anxious emails first thing in the morning and late at night. He shipped the stone as quickly as possible and checked on its arrival. He offered us advice on settings and side stones, but didn't push anything we didn't need. We were also reassured by the easy return policy.

    The jeweller who set the diamond for us commented that when clients bring her stones they bought online, she often tells them that she can get them a better diamond for the same money. In this case, however, she said we had done well on a good quality stone. Her guess at the price was more than what we paid.

    Needless to say, we're very happy with Excel Diamonds!

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  • Hesitant to buy on-line, but so happy we found Excel!

    Vouched Jan 16, 2015

    My husband has been looking for two AGS certified diamonds for diamond stud earrings as a gift for our 40th wedding anniversary. This shopping adventure was much more difficult than envisioned as many local jewelers do not carry AGS certified diamonds. And we quickly learned that finding two 1 carat AGS stones does not automatically mean you have a “matched set”. I started looking for jewelers on the internet who carried AGS stones and in the process found 2 AGS diamonds on the Excel Diamond website which appeared to be good candidates. We were a little hesitant to make this type of purchase over the internet, but after my husband did due diligence in researching Excel Diamonds, we decided to give them a call. Working with Barry at Excel Diamonds has been a pleasure from beginning to end. Not only did he personally examine the diamonds to ensure they visually looked like a matched set in terms of size, color, brilliance, etc.; but he sent us additional information on each diamond including having 10X magnified photos and 360 videos done of each diamond. He was always professional, quick to respond to our emails, and extremely helpful in responding to questions, such as how to use the bank wire process in order to get a lower price. My husband had the diamonds set into stud earrings at a local jeweler, who verified the quality of the diamonds and indicated he could have never matched Excel's pricing. I am thrilled with my new diamond earrings and can’t say enough good things about Barry and Excel Diamonds. We will be contacting Barry and Excel Diamonds first for any future diamond purchases.

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  • Fabulous experience. Highly recommend. Repeat customer. Great Customer Service.

    Vouched Dec 2, 2014

    My initial purchase was in 2006. I loved the setting - super high quality. Several Tiffany employees have thought it was theirs. Recently, I broke off a prong. A local jewelry didn't think they could match exactly so I contacted Excel. They quickly responded and told me what they could do and how to send the ring back. Very easy and half the price quoted by the local jeweler. Plus, it was done correctly. I decided to make a second purchase, which just arrived. Beautiful and exactly as described. They definitely have all my business going forward. I simply cannot say enough good things about them.

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  • Not Enough Words to Convey My Appreciation

    Reviewed Dec 1, 2014

    I am a repeat customer. I purchased a solitaire setting from Excel Diamonds a few months back, and it has exceeded my expectations ever since. I wanted to find the right time to purchase a half-eternity diamond band or a knife edge wedding band to complement my solitaire, but I couldn't decide between the two. So, what's a girl to do in that situation? Buy both!

    I am SO glad I did. Both rings are exceptional. No, that word doesn't do them justice -- they are extraordinary. Their craftsmanship alone warrants a much higher price tag. I will wear these rings for life and pass them onto my children. Now my dilemma is which to wear each day; both exude timeless elegance and look very much the high-end creations they are.

    The best part of my two transactions with Excel? Working with Barry. He is endlessly patient, utterly knowledgeable in his trade, and enormously friendly. I am so thankful I stumbled upon Excel's little corner of the Internet, and I am anxious for the day I can order more high-quality jewelry from them, maybe next time to give as gifts!

    All the best to you and yours, Barry, and thank you and your entire team for your expertise and tremendous skill.

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  • Hesitent at first to buy online but now very grateful!

    Vouched Dec 1, 2014

    When I started shopping for an engagement ring I knew very little about diamonds and diamond shopping. I found a local company that produces amazing custom jewelry but I found the cost of the diamond to be outside my budget. I found the same diamond they were offering on Excel Diamond's website for 18% less. Excel responded quickly, answered all my questions and went above and beyond to get the diamond to me as quick as possible. I was hesitant to purchase a diamond online but I can vouch for purchasing one from Excel Diamonds!

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  • Excellent service

    Reviewed Nov 25, 2014

    Barry, thank you for finding matching diamonds for me. Excellent service, although I would have love to meet you in person. It was important for me to be able to talk to you over the phone. Fast shipping and everything went smoothly. This was my third purchase! Lena

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  • Excel by name and nature!

    Vouched Nov 24, 2014

    Working with Barry from Excel to create my dream ring was absolutely fantastic. He generally replied to my emails within half an hour, even outside of office hours! Endlessly patient and friendly, and advised us to choose the less expensive of our final two stones.

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  • Best jewelry purchase experience!

    Vouched Nov 18, 2014

    I had never heard of Excel Diamonds before. I was looking for a piece of jewelry for my wife. I found them on Google and did a quick research on them and decided to give them a try.

    I eventually spoke with Barry who guided me patiently through my purchase. Most of all, there was no hard sale, no pressure. Truly painless and enjoyable. I ended up with a gorgeous gift that was exactly what my wife wanted.

    It was a great experience and I recommend anyone looking to buy a piece of jewelry to consider Excel Diamonds. I will most definitely return to Barry and Excel Diamonds for my next jewelry purchase.


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  • It's in the name, they excel above all others...

    Vouched Nov 16, 2014

    Barry did an excellent job helping me pick out the perfect stone for the setting I chose on my wife's wedding ring! I would definitely recommend Excel Diamonds to anybody that wants that perfect ring! They were very helpful, considering that I was all the way in Alaska, not physically able to be there to make the best purchase and decision, we made a great team finding that perfect stone! If your in the process of finding the right place to get your special someone the best, then look no further! Excel Diamonds, it's in the name, they definitely excel over all others, contact them today!

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  • Three-peat Customer

    Vouched Oct 30, 2014

    I bought my wife's engagement ring from Excel in 2008, and the diamond was appraised higher than Excel's value!

    In 2009 I bought her wedding ring from Excel, and every anniversary she [demanded] a duplicate for the other side and I once mumbled something about 'maybe for the 5th'. Well, that time came and I went back to the website but it wasn't offered anymore. I bought the most similar-looking ring and when it arrived, it just wasn't the same. I wish I'd communicated directly with Excel right from the start because they were able to reorder the original ring and exchange it!

    I'm keeping my mouth shut about future anniversary ideas but Excel Diamonds will be the first place I turn to!

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  • Incredibly Grateful!

    Vouched Oct 27, 2014

    Where to begin? It had been my dream for years to have a specific designer setting. I was so disappointed to find out the particular company selling the design will not allow you to set your own diamond in their popular setting. I have a very special, sentimental diamond I envisioned in that setting and it broke my heart to think I would not be able to showcase my diamond in the way I had always envisioned. On a whim one day, I got online to see if anyone made replica settings. Lo and behold, I came across information about Excel Diamonds. There are THOUSANDS of positive reviews out there about this company, and I now know why. Barry was my first and last point of contact. He was incredibly patient, highly knowledgeable, and supremely communicative. He even contacted me when the offices were closed for holiday observance. My ring was shipped in record time and it absolutely took my breath away when I opened the box. I immediately whisked my diamond and setting to a local jeweler to have it set, and I am waiting to get it back. Barry never tried to talk me into shipping my diamond to Excel to have it set; in fact, he encouraged me to do what I was most comfortable doing. He completely understood how sentimental the stone was. He was honest and forthright about all costs associated with potentially setting the stone on their premises. I would give 100 stars if I could. Hands down, this was the best customer service I have ever received, and I am overwhelmed to think I now will wear the ring of my dreams every day of my life. Thank you Barry, and thank you Excel Diamonds. I hope you realize how you positively impact people every day.

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  • Excellent

    Vouched Sep 25, 2014

    Excellent in every aspect. I had huge reservations about buying a diamond sight unseen. Barry was 100% impeccable with his word,he was patient, honest, thorough, answered every question or concern of mine, and was prompt to return emails and phone messages.

    When I decided to purchase my loose diamond (I was having a ring being fabricated at the time) Barry walked me through the money wire transfer process which decreased the purchase price. Again, I was very nervous buying a diamond from NYC via the internet from California. I work very hard for a living and spending money on something based on someone's word was quite unnerving.

    The transaction went exactly as Barry said it would. The diamond was sent via FedEx from NYC at 4 pm and it arrived in Northern California at 930 am the next day.

    The diamond is beautiful and far better than any diamond that I was recommended to purchase here. The price from Excel was also about 20-30% lower for a higher quality diamond than I was shown in various jewelery stores and "diamond brokers".

    From now on I will not shop anywhere else for jewelery. If you are in the market for a diamond or diamond ring, I strongly suggest you talk to Barry, you will see for yourself and will not be disappointed.

    Chico, Ca

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  • unforgettable experience!!!

    Vouched Sep 15, 2014

    In short, outstanding service with warm communication and help. Fast reliable service. Well done!!!

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  • Loved Excel!

    Vouched Aug 27, 2014

    Loved Excel diamonds! I purchased the wrong cut of loose diamond, and they let me do a full exchange with no hassle. Barry was super helpful and friendly. I would absolutely recommend any guy looking for a gorgeous engagement ring to buy a loose diamond and setting from Excel!

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  • Excellent Online transaction with EXCEL!

    Vouched Aug 6, 2014

    I was somewhat hesitant to spend a large sum of money for an engagement ring online and then wire transfer the funds (to save a couple hundred $). Barry was extremely helpful and kept the lines of communication open as my order was processed. My hesitation was quickly replaced with eagerness to receive my order. I was more than impressed with the quality of the ring once I received it and my now fiance tells me daily the compliments she received throughout the day on how gorgeous her ring is. Truly amazing. I will and have already recommended Excel to anyone I hear in the market for jewelry. Top notch service and from what I found, unbeatable prices as my independent appraisal far exceeded the purchase price. I will certainly use Excel again when in the market for jewelry.

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  • Nicole S.
    • smiley

    *NUMBER ONE* for TOP quality, price and service!!!!

    Vouched Jul 14, 2014

    This is my second wonderful experience with Excel Diamonds. I purchased my stone there in 2010 and then referred my brother. The service is top notch. Barry is SO helpful in finding the perfect stone no matter what your budget is. We went threw several stones till we found just the right one. To help me feel more secure he had a video made of the diamond and ideal scope to get a look at the stone and its performance deeper.

    They are very professional and give you all the online tools needed to feel secure when buying. I would highly recommend them when looking for a high quality online purchase. The payment process was simple and the stone shipped overnight and was at my door the next day. Thanks again to Barry and Excel for helping me find 2 excellent cut stones that sparkle and have fireworks! BRAVO!


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  • Find a better jeweller..... I couldn't

    Vouched Jun 23, 2014

    Through the entire experience of selecting my diamond and choosing the right setting, Barry at Excel has been amazing. I cannot praise this firm enough for it's helpfulness, speed or efficiency.

    I was slightly nervous initially putting the trust of selecting a diamond that I cannot see in person, into the hands of a third party. Barry gave a lot of guidance whilst not pushing.

    Anybody shopping for such an item could do much worse than putting your trust in this company.

    Highly recommended.

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  • Exceptional value and excellent customer service

    Vouched Jun 12, 2014

    I was looking for a specific diamond to be set in an engagement ring. I looked at both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers over a period of months. I finally found the stone I had been looking for (right down to the table size and depth) on Excel's website. After purchasing, I was contacted by Barry to let me know the status of my order and when received the diamond was exactly as described and verified by the GIA report. Overall, the experience was great and the price paid for the stone could not have been better.

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  • Happiest client!!!!

    Vouched Jun 9, 2014

    I recently purchased a loose diamond for an engagement ring. The quality of service and diamond stone that I received blew my mind. All emails and phone calls were returned promptly. I was kept informed throughout the whole process and to me that's very important. Not only will I shop again with Excel Diamonds but will recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you again Excel Diamonds!!!

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