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<span style="float:left;margin-right:10px"> <IMG alt="reviews diamonds by lauren" src="" width="100"></span>Since 1999 Diamonds by Lauren has been the premier place online to buy Diamonds and Jewelry that you can really look at online.<br>
We specialize in Natural Fancy Colors- but we also carry many colorless, near colorless, and lighter colored diamonds.
We generally have specimens every color grade in stock: from D to Fancy Vivid Yellow.
Our jewelry line starts at very fine and goes up to the finest possible quality yo can find anywhere.
Since we sell so many natural fancy colored diamonds, we are specialists in Pink and Yellow gold combined with Platinum, or white gold.
Customer Satisfaction is our priority- we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on our jewelry.

Diamonds by Lauren

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  • E.L.

    Excellent products and service

    Vouched Mar 2, 2015

    I wanted to buy a pair of yellow diamond halo earrings and DBL seemed to be the best choice for yellow diamonds. I talked to the team and explained what I wanted, which they delivered very quickly. Elaine was in contact with me throughout the process and she made it very enjoyable. The service they offer at DBL is impeccable - they are very professional, friendly and absolutely trustworthy.
    The earrings I received looked amazing on the website and when I saw them in person I was stunned. They were much-much more beautiful in person, and surpassed all my expectations! They were of excellent quality and I could not believe how beautiful they were.
    This has been a great experience and I am definitely coming back in the future!

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  • Cleo B.

    Absolutely stunning Natural Coloured Diamond Rings - incredibly honest and helpful service

    Vouched Feb 27, 2015

    My (now) Fiancee bought me the most amazing 2carat Natural Yellow Diamond ring from Diamonds by Lauren! It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and I absolutely love it ( and him)! The cut, sparkle, colour and design of the ring is incredible and I have received so many complements.

    David helped the purchase go smoothly and was very honest throughout the entire process and after sale service.

    The Diamonds by Lauren website shows you real pictures of the ring you will purchase and is honest about the diamonds qualities and pitfalls.

    I would absolutely recommend Diamonds by Lauren to anyone looking for diamond jewelry, especially their Naturally coloured rings.

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  • Justin V.

    Three stone engagement ring

    Vouched Feb 9, 2015

    I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the engagement ring that Diamonds by Lauren made for me but I will try.
    First of all I live in Australia and the customer service was excellent, always aimed at meeting my needs and not intended just to make a quick sale. Elaine was quick to respond, very helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with in creating me a custom ring for my loved one.
    Second, the ring quality was absolutely spectacular and everything was exactly how I wanted. My partner absolutely adores the ring and everyone is suitably jealous.
    I can't thank you enough for making this ring for the most special person in my life and for one of the most significant events in my life.

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  • Amelie H.

    There's no one better than DBL for extremely high quality Yellow Diamonds!

    Vouched Jan 24, 2015

    I've been stalking Diamonds By Lauren's website for twelve years, reading all of David's really informative, educational, and often funny descriptions of the stones and jewelry he sells. When I first discovered his site, I was about to start vet school, and all I could think of was how some day...some day...I was going to have a yellow diamond, no matter how modest. I'd never seen anyone wearing a yellow diamond, and as someone always attracted to color, I loved that the yellow stones had as much color as gemstones, but with much, much more sparkle.
    After a dozen years of being a secret fan, Elaine helped me choose a 0.75ct Fancy Light Yellow cushion. Initially I'd purchased a stone set in their exceptional 18k double halo--and let me tell you, this ring was both heavy and fabulous! I loved it. But once I had it on my finger, I realized I coudln't stop at just one, and so I exchanged it for a thinner shanked, thin bezeled ring to accomodate stacking. Now that I've experienced both settings, I can say that both are very comfortable and very modern (which I love). The double halo is so outstanding it can easily be the frame around your engagement stone; the single bezel is lightweight and graceful and looks great snuggled up to playfully mismatched bands.
    My Fancy Light Yellow, set in an 18k bezel looks really yellow and extremely sparkly. David and Elaine were both so incredibly informative and accomodating. Elaine would often answer my emails on the weekend, and asked really relevant questions to ensure every aspect the the ring was made according to my inner vision. And even now that I am really happy and love my ring, I still look at their website regularly...after all, my FLY will need a friend soon!

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  • Kristen I.

    I couldn't have had a better experience!

    Vouched Jan 21, 2015

    My fiancé and I purchased both my engagement ring and wedding band from Diamonds by Lauren. We live in DE and the owner, David, was kind enough to meet us out-of-towners on the weekend to see the engagement ring we loved online, in person. It was a great experience and once we saw it up close we were both sold. The diamonds he chooses are immaculate. I get so many compliments on my ring. From friends saying "how shiny" it is, to strangers on planes, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. telling me how beautiful it is. Next was the wedding band who I worked closely on designing with Elaine. Also, a pleasure. She was prompt at retuning e-mails and gave me personal advice when I needed it. The jeweler who crafted my wedding band from nothing but a photo must be a wizard because it is actually more stunning than the picture! Altogether, if you are looking for a high-quality, one of a kind ring matched with outstanding customer service, please do yourself a favor and make your purchase at Diamonds by Lauren.

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  • Vlad C.
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    Amazing service, and ring was beyond my expectations.

    Vouched Jan 6, 2015

    I purchased a ring from Diamonds by Lauren in December of 2014 to propose to my girlfriend. David from Diamonds by Lauren was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions before we decided on the right diamond for the ring and my budget. The ring was made in less then 3 weeks and shipped out with next day shipping.

    When the ring arrived it was way beyond my expectations and my fiancé fell in love with the ring the moment she saw it. Wherever we go she gets asked and complemented about it as it sparkes across the room.

    If you are looking to have a custom ring made then look no further, I highly recommend Diamonds by Lauren, you will not be disappointed in your decision.

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  • Christian L.

    Exemplary Professionalism

    Vouched Dec 21, 2014

    Elaine Alicea had helped me through Diamonds by Lauren and she was extremely professional, helpful and continues to prove's this. I was very skeptical at first about purchasing a custom ring online through a private seller and she helped make the process much easier for me. She was prompt in all of her responses, being available via phone/e-mail and walked through every step of the way and answered all of my questions without pushing me to buy. I high recommend working with Elaine she is a pleasure to work with!

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  • Ellen W.

    A fabulous transaction in every way!

    Vouched Nov 26, 2014

    I have never before bought anything like the gorgeous and extraordinary diamond ring I just purchased from Diamonds by Lauren without seeing it in person, so I approached this transaction with some trepidation. I should not have worried. The transaction was stellar in every way. The ring my husband and I bought is completely perfect. Mr. Friedlander was readily available and patiently and thoroughly answered all of the questions on my long list. He was also a delight to talk with, and everything he said about the ring was totally accurate. Shipping was incredibly fast.

    I highly recommend Diamonds by Lauren. The ring was even more gorgeous and perfect than his description, and we absolutely adore it. I am totally ecstatic with this transaction.

    When I am next in the market for something special and unique, I will definitely be back!

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  • Joao N.

    Great products, awesome people and fantastic service

    Vouched Nov 25, 2014

    I was looking for an engagement ring.. hallo, coloured stone, round or cushion .. pressure was huge to get the most beautiful ring for her. After all my research, my doubts were increasing everyday.

    After speaking to lots of people and looking into thousands of websites, I had a chat with David and Rick from Diamonds by Lauren.

    They really helped me with all my doubts and that we went through my options, my main problems and to help dissipating my concerns.

    I would rate the whole service as 5 stars since first chat until delivery.

    Thanks again

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  • E.C.

    Amazing Service

    Vouched Nov 16, 2014

    The team at Diamonds by Lauren patiently helped me work through making a ring with them, no question was too small no matter how silly I felt about it.
    The ring turned out with a small hiccup from factory and it was handled very well.
    I would definitely recommend going through the Diamonds by Lauren process to anyone.
    They did an absolutely wonderful job and I am so very happy with my ring, I cannot stop looking at it

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  • A.W.


    Vouched Oct 27, 2014

    I recently had my engagement ring made by Diamonds by Lauren.

    I was communicating via email all the way from Australia. I recently picked the ring up in New York. It was the first time I had seen the actual ring "in the flesh" - it was absolutely perfect! The centre diamond was even more magnificent than the incredibly good photos I was sent.

    I was so nervous about making such a big purchase online, not to mention on the other side of the world, and yet, all that I asked for was made into a beautiful, shiny reality! The communication in that 6 month period was fantastic. Emails were always answered promptly.

    The whole experience was "flawless."


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  • Jeff M.

    Engagement ring

    Vouched Oct 22, 2014

    David and the staff at Diamonds by Lauren were extremely helpful in helping me with an engagement ring. I was hesitant at first with buying a ring online as I live in California, but with David's help, I got a beautiful ring for an awesome price. The process couldn't have been made easier. I'll definitely be checking with Diamonds by Lauren for my future jewelry purchases.

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  • Robin T.

    As good as the first time!

    Vouched Sep 12, 2014

    Second purchase and just as pleased and satisfied as the first. Great Customer Care and follow up.
    Quick to respond and the quality is OUTSTANDING!

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  • Judy L.
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    Vouched Sep 11, 2014

    WOW um.. where to even begin? I literally CANNOT say enough good things about this company.

    I've been "stalking" the Diamonds by Lauren site for a year now - I go on there a few times a month just to check out what new diamonds/jewelry they have. I first found them while reading Pricescope two years ago and kept them in the back of my mind. A year ago, I decided that it would be nice to have a right hand colored diamond ring and DBL was the first to come to mind.

    Ok, I had the same thoughts as probably everyone else had - how crazy scary is it to drop tens of thousands of dollars on something you've never seen before in person. AND you're buying it online. When I told my friends I bought a diamond ring online and I'd never seen it before, they all thought I was crazy. Like, what if it was a scam?? How do you know what it will look like? How can you tell from the pictures if it's a beautiful diamond? And I have to admit, I was a little hesitant, too, even though I knew this was a legit company and I had stalked them for a year. But in the end, I'm so glad I went through with it because it was quite literally the best experience I've ever had with a jeweler!

    It was perfect from beginning to end. I emailed them on the website saying that I was interested in two particular brownish stones. I received a response back right away from David, the owner. He sent me youtube links of the two diamonds I was interested in. I called him after viewing them and told him a little about my specifications. He immediately recommended a third stone - this GORGEOUS pear shaped 3.21ct orangy-brown diamond. He said he didn't own it, but his dealer had it last week and he thought it would be perfect for me. He then sent a courier to go buy it from his dealer just so he could make a video of it for me! I was floored! I mean, who in the world provides that kind of customer service?? Literally, this courier purchased it, brought it back to his store, he made a video of it, and sent it to me all within an hour's time. I didn't hesitate. It was a gorgeous stone - exactly as he described. I told him I wanted it set in a halo with rose gold. He said no problem. And that was it. No other specifications. I really didn't know what to expect. I mean, I knew what it was going to look like in general terms - a pear shaped brownish stone set in a rose gold halo. But seriously, nothing in the world could have prepared me for how incredibly gorgeous this ring is in person! My heart literally started pounding when I saw it for the first time. It is the most exquisite piece of jewelry I have ever seen! The delicate detailing of the diamonds with the pink gold is so well done - it's dainty and feminine.. and just absolutely breathtaking! On my left hand, I wear a 2.5ct cushion set in a platinum halo and it pales in comparison to this ring. You can tell they have really perfected their craft. Their pieces are given so much time and care - you can tell it's not coming from some cookie cutter mold that's mass produced. WOW. I was so impressed with their craftsmanship that I'm now in talks with David to have them remake a setting for my 2.5ct cushion because I'm no longer satisfied with the setting after seeing the pear that DBL made for me!

    Other considerations:

    (1) David was fast in his responses, professional, and was never pushy. He is super knowledgable and knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I described it to him.
    (2) The photos and the video he made for me of the diamond itself looks EXACTLY like what the diamond looks like in person. And he gave great descriptions of it. Didn't try to hide the fact that there were flaws.
    (3) They gave me a three week estimation time and it was done in two.
    (4) I was on vacation while trying to purchase this ring from David and the hotel I was staying at wanted to charge me $100+ to overnight a check to him. When I told David, he sent me a UPS overnight mailing label - no questions asked, no charge at all.
    (5) He overnighted the ring to me, insured, when it was done, and I didn't have to pay a penny.
    (6) The pear shaped diamond was slightly larger and cost more than the two other brown stones I was originally interested it and it would've pushed me over the budget. But David worked with me on pricing and was able to give me exactly what I wanted, and $100 under my budget at the end of the day!
    (7) Even though they were custom making this ring for me, David told me personally that if I received it and didn't like it, I could return it, no questions asked for a full refund. Pretty darn awesome customer service, if you ask me!

    I will be recommending DBL to all my friends! If you're wondering whether or not you should purchase from DBL, stop hesitating and just do it! You won't be disappointed and David will take good care of you.

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  • Kathy P.

    Estate platinum and diamond beauty!

    Vouched Aug 29, 2014

    I had been looking to replace an antique platinum and diamond ring and found a very similar style on Diamonds by

    Having just received the ring - I must say I am beyond thrilled! The price was extremely reasonable for this kind of quality - quite a beautiful piece and definitely exceeded my expectations for an online purchase! I guess that just showcases the great quality of Diamonds by Lauren merchandise and the honest representation of the pieces on the website.

    Thanks to David and Rick for superior service and quick responses to any inquiries I had and super fast insured shipping. It was truly a pleasure doing business with them and I would highly recommend anyone looking for fine quality to not hesitate in considering a purchase here.
    Kathryn P.

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  • S F.

    Fabulous, under budget, on time: gotta love it!

    Vouched Aug 19, 2014

    My partner and I were in the market for an affordable diamond engagement ring. Our search had begun in Istanbul, Turkey but we decided that an insitu purchase would be better. We quickly realized that to get what we wanted, an online purchase was best. Limited by time (we would only be in North America for three weeks) and budget, we approached Elaine and David . At first, I was not ready to commit, but Elaine extended an offer of assistance if I should want to 'run' something by her at a later time.

    I took her up on her offer and we are very happy that I did so. Despite our nervousness at making such an important purchase online, Elaine quickly put us at ease. When we approached her with a design that was not in the Diamonds by Lauren catalogue, she quickly assured us that it could be made by their goldsmiths, on budget (actually under), on time (the ring had to be shipped to Canada in three 1/2 weeks). She got a quote and helped us find a stone that worked with the setting in a very short time frame. She 'listened' to my needs/wants and showed us a number of appropriate stones and explained (visually and in writing) how teach stone would react in the RG setting we had chosen.

    Elaine also paid attention to the shipping details. She knew when the ring was delayed in Customs and helped to sort things out at their end.

    Elaine and her team made this purchase 'easy'. I love the ring - the stone changes colours in different light exactly the way she predicted - it's unique, it's warm and colourful, it pops and sparkles and it works with the setting just the way I had hoped. My partner is pleased that I'm so pleased!

    Sincere thanks,

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  • Marie M.

    Lovely fancy light yellow asscher cut diamond

    Vouched Aug 18, 2014

    I wanted to buy my first fancy colored diamond but was unsure what to look for. David was very helpful, he ended up making two videos of the diamond I was interested in, because I couldn't open the first one due to technical difficulties. I really appreciated this. I love the my fancy light yellow asscher!

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  • Linda M.

    Wonderful Experience on Purchase of 3-Stone Yellow Diamond Ring

    Vouched Aug 17, 2014

    I recently purchased a platinum/ 18K yellow gold, three-stone ring, with fancy yellow diamond center stone and FLY side diamonds from DBL. It is stunning. I had originally thought I wanted a white diamond with pink diamond halo, but after perusing the DBL website for hours each day over about a 2 week period, I began to develop an appreciation for the warm, yet brilliant sparkle of the yellow diamonds. I sent a message to David about 4 different rings, and had a response within hours. David was able to send me a short video of the four rings together so that I could compare the different styles and shades of yellow across the 4 rings. That solidified my selection, and within a week I was wearing my new ring! I've received numerour compliments on it, and can't stop gazing at it. Both David and Rick were great to work with - keeping me updated with progress on the sizing and shipping processes. I now regularly check the DBL website for new additions, and I'm saving up for my next purchase!

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  • Justin B.

    An INCREDIBLE buying experience

    Vouched Aug 13, 2014

    Being a first-time diamond shopper online, I naturally had my reservations about not doing business of this sort in person. Rick made me feel completely confident over the phone. My order was placed on a Friday afternoon and the ring was sized and ready to overnight ship by Tuesday! When we received it, there was not a single question that it more than fulfilled our expectations. A TRUE description with so many high quality photos, and we received exactly what we purchased. My wife is well educated on diamonds, and she is extremely happy with the quality and cost of our purchase. I highly recommend Diamonds by Lauren to anyone looking for incredible, custom craftsmanship at a cost you will not beat at a jewelry store.

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  • Valeria T.

    Great experience

    Vouched Aug 12, 2014

    I had a top notch experience buying a lovely yellow diamond ring from Diamonds by Lauren. It was reassuring to receive a call from Rick to verify the order and answer my questions. It was a smooth sailing all the way through: the ring was sized rather quickly, I got another call to confirm the shipping address, and had the ring on my finger the next day! The packaging was very thorough, the overnight shipping was free, and I really enjoyed the shiny GIA certificate. Oh, and I'm really glad that an appraisal was included with my purchase--very handy for insurance purposes.

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